Pakistan Day 23rd March (2015)
The Metropolitan Academy Holy Day (2014)
6 Sep Defence Day with The Metropolitan Academy Jauhar Campus .
Physical Education is provided to students in the Senior Section so they can get healthier and stay fit.
Group activites in the Montessori Section are performed regularly to socialize students
Discipline is the most important priority/policy of The Metropolitan Academy.

History Of The Metropolitan Academy

The Metropolitan Academy was founded in 1967 by our managing director Mr. Faisal Rizwan at Gulistan Johar in Karachi, Pakistan. His aim was to educate every...

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Mr. Muhammed Rizwan (LATE) : Founder Of TMA

  • The Founder of “Metropolitan Group of Schools” was a self-made man. Going through his phase of life he made up his mind to establish an institution where pupils could get standard and quality...

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    • Annual Sports day 2015.

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    • School Timings have been revised for the new academic session.
      Junior Section: (7:45 to 1:45)
      Senior Section: (7:45 to 1:50)

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    • The Metropolitan Academy is now hiring new faculty members for the 2013-2014 school year. Please click the link below to apply now!

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      Interactive photo gallery fully loaded with pictures of events occured at TMA.

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    • Calender 2013-2014

      The Calender Below shows information about all the important dates that every The Metropolitan Academy student must know about. Students & parents can use this calender to know about the dates of Parent Teacher Meetings, Examinations, Carnivals, Functions, and no school days.

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